News and Notes

New bowlers of all ages are always welcome. 

Please see the New Bowlers page for information on lawn bowling and how to find out more on the sport.  

We have an easy way to raise funds for PLBC by donating your refundable deposits at Return-It to PLBC! Please see:  Fund Raising Page 

Congratulations to the winners at the Bonney Cup:

A division :

1st Place: Paul Dube & Yvonne Field (Osoyoos)

2nd Place: Kevin Barry & Bev Marling (Penticton)

3r Place: Maria Fugedi & Wayne LaFace (Kelowna)


B Division:

1st Place: Patrick Martin & Claudia Sauder (Kelowna, Osoyoos) 

2nd Place: Robert Gabert & Chris Pingle (Penticton)

3rd: Ron Delgado & Thea Lemke ( Penticton)


C Division:

1st Place: Fritz Hollenbach & Claire Keys ( Penticton) 

2nd Place: Wayne Lewis & Gladys Netherton ( Penticton) 

3rd Place: Guy Bradfield &Leslie Campbell (Osoyoos)

The sign up sheets will be available soon for the Ladies and Men's Singles Tournament on Sunday 4th August and Monday 5th August.

Cherry Park Retirement Residence

312 Winnipeg Street, Penticton BC, V2A 8J9

Ph: 250-492-2447

We acknowledge grants from New Horizons for Seniors in 2022, 2023 and 2024 and Provincial support through ViaSport and BC Gaming Grants.

We also acknowledge the continuing support of the City of Penticton.

We also thank the Investors Group for their donation towards the new lawn rakes.