News and Notes

New bowlers of all ages are always welcome. Please see the New Bowlers page for information on lawn bowling and how to find out more on the sport.  

We have an easy way to raise funds for PLBC by donating your refundable deposits at Return-It to PLBC! Please see:  Fund Raising Page 

Peng has now taken over from Ron as Treasurer and Finance Secretary, effective December 1, 2023.  Thank you to Ron for his years of service. 

The Calendar has been updated with known ILBA events for 2024. You can also find a list HERE

A Celebration of Life was held at the Club for Jack Byron.  He will be sorely missed.   See the photos HERE

The Winter Bowling schedule is well underway.  Stand-ins for the leagues are often needed so register with the organizers.  Don't forget the drop-ins.  See Winter Bowling  for details.

The AGM was well attended and Greg Crawford was elected as the new President. The Club info page has been updated with minutes and reports.  Our thanks for the hard work from all the outgoing Executive members. Updated photos will be posted soon.

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping with putting the Green to bed for the Winter.  It was a lot of work, but we will reap the rewards with another great Green next year.

History of the Clubhouse

Penticton Lakeview Lawn Bowling Club was formed in 1927 and first played on the grounds on the old Incola Hotel on Lakeshore Drive. In the Spring time of 1928 there was flooding in that area and greens were washed out completely. In 1929 with permission from the council at that time a new green was setup on Brunswick Street and this is where it remains today. Ladies were introduced to the club in 1930 plus a clubhouse improvement in 1949-1950. The Clubhouse as it now stands was remodelled in 1999-2001. This was due mainly to the Late Harry Bonney and Club Members at this time, many of whom offered their own funds. So in 93 Years we have gone from a wooden shack to the great clubhouse we have today with the support of our club members. In February 2020 we deleted the word "Lakeview" from our title. We are now Penticton Lawn Bowling Club. Some old and interesting photographs are on display in the clubhouse at 260 Brunswick Street, Penticton.

Old Pictures of the Clubhouse

Incola Hotel circa 1920's

First game at The Incola

Clubhouse remodel 1949-1950

Opening June 5, 1950