Results 2023

Summary results for Summer 2023

Terry o'Riordan Pairs League:

1 st  Larry and Bev Bechard

2 nd Clem and Marianne Beaulac

3 rd Kevin Barry and Diane Beauregard

Novice Singles Tournaments

Ladies Novice       1st Mary Sommerfeldt

                           2nd Carollyne Lansel

                           3rd Sherri Lewis 

Men’s Novice.       1st  Greg Crawford

                           2nd Bill Allen

                           3rd Terry Taylor

Bonney Cup

Flight A 1st. Moe Ball and Christina Bombaek Vernon / Kelowna  (photos HERE)

                 2nd Brad Edwards and Bev Marling Penticton

                 3rd Clem Beaulac and Claudette Brisson Penticton


Flight B 1st Larry Bechard and Bev Bechard Penticton

                 2nd Jim Saunders and Terry Saunders Kelowna

              3rd Greg Crawford and Shari Russell Penticton


Flight C 1st Kevin Barry and Diane Beauregard Penticton

                 2nd Morley Brown and Karen Brown Kamloops Riverside

                 3rd Thea Lemke and Stu Scott Penticton

Mens Pairs:

Ladies Pairs:

Pairs Tournament

Triples Tournament

1st Robert Gabert  ,Diane Beauregard lead Philippa Keys

2nd Gary Marling,Maggie Delgado,lead Mary Sommerfeldt


3rd Brad Edwards,Bev Marling,lead Thea Lemieux