New Bowlers

Welcome New Bowlers!

New bowlers of all ages are always welcome. Come visit us on our June 8 or 9 New Member Open Days between 10 and 2 and try out our great sport. Pre-registration forms are available Here.

The Penticton Lawn Bowling Club encourages you to come out and try the sport of Lawn Bowling. It is a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor activity that is suitable for players of all ages and physical abilities. The game has a lot of similarities to curling but it is played on grass between May and October. The club provides all the necessary equipment and bowls. All you need to do is arrive dressed in causal clothing and a pair of flat soled shoes to give it a try. Free coaching lessons are provided by the club's certified coaches or one of our experienced bowlers.

If you are interested in becoming a member or just finding out more about Lawn Bowling, please contact Bernadette Barry at 250 809 2524  or   

You can now find the membership application online.  The form is Here. You can also pay by eTransfer using

The Game of Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill level from beginner to expert. If a player has a physical disability an adaption can be made to enable them to participate. It is sometimes referred to as "Curling on Grass" due to the many similarities in how the sport is played. The game is played involving one to four players per team (single sex or mixed) on a grass playing surface. The object of the games is to get as many of the team's bowls closer to the Jack ( a little white target ball) than your opponents. A game usually lasts approximately 2 hours and involves playing a predetermined number of "ends." An end is concluded when all players have delivered their bowls from one side of the "green" to the other. A running score is maintained throughout the game. Rules of Play are followed by all players. The number of bowls per player is determined as follows:

Singles - 4 bowls per player

Pairs - 4 bowls per player

Triples - 3 bowls per player

Fours - 2 bowls per player

Players have the option to participate in games on a drop-in basis (social bowling) or take part in club tournaments (competitive bowling). The club also holds several social events throughout the year for our members and their guests.


All equipment other than footwear is supplied by the club. Footwear: All players must wear flat soled shoes to maintain the quality of the playing surface for everybody to enjoy. A large portion of our membership dues goes towards continual maintenance of our green. Bowls: The club has sets of bowls available for new players to use. These come in a variety of sizes. A club coach or experienced club member will be happy to assist you in determining which size works for you. When you are committed to the sport you will probably wish to purchase your own set of bowls. The bowls themselves are large, hard resin balls designed with a built in "bias" to them. This means when a player delivers a bowl it does not roll in a straight line but travels along an elliptical path to the"jack". This will be demonstrated to you at your first lesson.