Fund Raising

We have a new way to help support PLBC by donating the deposits from your returned recyclables at Return-It:

Return-it directions

#1-go to website to register.

#2-At the wholesale club inside the first set of doors, you’ll see a stand on your right. Enter the phone number 250-328-4865 which is associated with Penticton Lawn Bowling club. It’ll ask if you’re Clem. Answer yes. A window will appear with 1 thru 6, touch any number and touch print. It will print as many tickets as you selected.

#3-go to the return-it bin and you’ll see a key pad to the right of the door. That’s where you enter the the first 6 digits of your phone # that you used when you registered.

#4-a green light will appear and at that time you’ll be able to open the door and put the bags in the bin. Its a very big bin so there’s lots of room.

PS: if you have 2 or more bags a second person would be very helpful

See Clem for more information

We have an easy way to raise funds for PLBC without costing you a lot of time or money! 

PLBC is using a company called Fundscrip as a means of raising funds to enable us to do more things around the Club House. Members and supporters purchase gift certificates for themselves or others and the Club receives a percentage of the purchase. The purchaser receives full value and the only cost might be a dollar for shipping or a credit card fee if eTransfer or a debit card are not used.  Vendors who are part of this service include Superstore, Walmart, Home Depot and many other big box stores as well as speciality shops and restaurants. They are used just like a prepaid credit card.

Every time you make a purchase, PLBC receives between 2 and 10%, depending on the retailer, but you get full value apart from minimal shipping costs and any credit card fees.

There are two ways to purchase the gift cards:

2. Alternatively, you can open your own account by going to:

You enter the PLBC invitation code - ZSRR3C - and then your details. Once your account is established you can order any of the cards on offer or conveniently reload a card previously purchased (if it is reloadable).