Winter Bowling

While our outdoor bowling season has come to an end, our Indoor Short Mat Bowling Season is ongoing to April. As of today, the times that are "blocked out" are:

Sunday Drop-in - 1 to about 4pm.

Monday Triples -  1 to about 4pm.

Wednesday Triples - 1 to about 4pm.

Thursday night drop in -  6:15 - 8pm

Friday Triples - 1 to about 4pm.

 1) Sunday Drop- In bowling will begin Oct 30th at 1pm. We are asking for a $1.00 donation from each attendee, to help with the cost of heat and light. 

See the Calendar for any updated details. 

Maximum participants is 16 (2 carpets available). As usual, there will be 2-8 end games with a coffee break in between. And of course we get to enjoy all that wonderful baking everyone brings in. Plus parking is free on Sundays.


2) Stu will be looking after The Monday Mixed League and will post the sign-up / information sheet at the club during the Awards Banquet, on Oct 15th. First game is October 31st at 1pm.


3) Ron has agreed to run the Friday Triples Mixed League again. Watch for his sign-up / information sheet at the club too. Maximum participants is 12.

4) Greg Crawford will manage the Thursday Night drop in.  Please sign in before 6:15pm.

Remember that as full members, you can short mat bowl on your own with other members any time, other than when the leagues or Drop-in days are running. You can set up a time to go in and bowl with other members or even get a competition going!!