How to Play

Getting Started

It couldn’t be easier to try Bowls Bash. Check out our calendar for Bowls Bash dates and times and then just turn up. There’s no dress code and equipment will be provided.  All you need to remember is to wear flat shoes or trainers (no high heels!!) to look after the green. There is no membership fee but we charge adults $5 a game and juniors just $2.

When you arrive at the bowls club, a friendly Bowls Bash coordinator will be there to help you get started and provide any guidance you need.  The equipment will be ready and you’ll be given a reminder of the rules and a scorecard.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be given a very quick demo, but it might be helpful to take a few seconds to look at our simple guide on how to deliver a bowl.

How to Play

You, your team-mate and your two opponents are on the green.  You have three bowls each at your feet, the Jack is placed on the Spot at the far End of the green and you have a scorecard in hand.  You’re now ready to roll!  Here’s how you play the game.

 Pick your team colour and decide which team goes first – scissors/paper/stone, toss a coin, the youngest player – whatever is easiest. Whoever goes first places the delivery Mat down on the green anywhere in line with the Jack.

The bite size summary of the rules is HERE